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Indu Antony


Clay, iron oxide, sound, 27 minutes

There are countless memorials that exist in the world, as manifestations against forgetting, providing space to grieve and process loss. What if shame surrounds the death of someone? Antony commemorates the death of women who could not be mourned, whose stories were left unacknowledged, and whose presence is forgotten. Us. is an invitation to remember, share and hold space for them, and for each other.

Sculptures made to honour 10 women who were killed in the area but made to look like accidents. These included dowry deaths, Mother in law tortures etc.


When one of the mother’s came to Namma Katte and cried sating ‘They did not give us even 10 minutes to mourn.' Indu Antony made these sculptures giving space for the mothers to mourn their daughters.

Sound - Oppari sung by grandmothers in the area.

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