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“Women’s leisure is always confined. It is never in a public place. Namma Katte is different in that sense. When you pull up the shutters, it opens out on the road,” says Indu Antony

The words “Namma Katte” in Kannada can be roughly translated as “Our Space”. The name was chosen to reflect the openness, warmth and camaraderie the centre was meant to generate. It attracts toddlers as well as women in their eighties, and everyone in between. There are no restrictions based on religion, caste, language, occupation, or level of education. “It is a leisure space for women to sit, chill, talk, sing, gossip, scratch and scream, and do whatever they want,” says Indu


Namma Katte is located behind Banaswadi Railway station, 3rd cross, Janakiram Layout. Open 10am to 6pm daily.

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