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Body hair is such a public and visible identifier of a person’s gender that even the hint of it in unexpected places, or the lack of it where it is assumed to grow, can affect how feminine or how masculine someone is perceived to be. Indeed, being hair-free is often seen as a sign of cisgender heterosexuality in women.


A woman who doesn’t conform to certain presumptions about female appearance is not seen as making a personal choice. Rather, it is assumed that they have somehow failed to comprehend basic expectations of public presentation.

This Performance was done with me sitting behind this screen while I exposed my legs to the public. I had kept two tweezers next to my legs and there was a note inviting people to tweeze the hair. While some people were disgusted to touch my leg, some fought for the right to not tweeze outside my booth. I remember one lady who walked upto to my leg and tweezed an entire section stopping to complain about the tweezer. Duration: 4hours

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