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Indu Antony


Fiber Glass with photographs

6 Feet

We live in a heteronormative, patriarchal world that assigns us societal roles based on genders. Further limits are set- we are told how our bodies should look, what shape, colour, texture, weight it should be. We grow up in a world telling us our bodies aren't perfect, and we are unattractive and unlovable if we cant't at least attempt to match that perception. The transgender experience is the feeling of being trapped in the wrong body. Our gender expressions and inclinations do not fit. There is a marked difference between a body dimorphic and a lack of body positivity- being our own selves in our own bodiesare not the same as disliking our bodies for not fitting a societal ideal. 


This project seeks to explore the transgender body as a site of appreciation and not unfulfilled change.The final end is to discover the transgender embodiment with positivity both in that which transitions and that which does not.

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